How to Take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Express 3

Samsung Galaxy Express 3

Reliable guide on how to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Express 3 along with other useful information regarding screenshot such as how to edit it, delete it, and share it with other people.

What is the fastest way to share some information that is readily available on your Samsung Galaxy Express 3? What about taking a screenshot and send it via Bluetooth or social media?

Sharing a screenshot is easy to do. But first, you need to know how to take one. Once you already take on, you can do whatever you like about it.

To take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Express 3, press Home button together with Power button until white border flashes around the screen.

Simply press those two keys together and get a screenshot. You can view the screenshot you had just taken straight from notification panel by swiping from top to bottom and tap the screenshot captured notification.

You also can view the screenshot from “Apps > Gallery > View More > Albums > Screenshot album”. Now tap on any screenshot you had taken to look at it closely.

Now you know how to take and view a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Express 3. Next thing you need to know is the options you have in there. When you tap to open a screenshot, you can see several options on the bottom of the screen:

  • Share, use this option to share this screenshot to anyone you know using the available app.
  • Edit, use it to edit and beautify the screenshot.
  • Delete, use it to erase a screenshot that you find not satisfying.

On the top of the screen you also can see several options: Details, Slideshow, Set as contact picture, Set as wallpaper.

Tap on the options you wish to use and you are ready to go. That is everything about screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Express 3 that you need to know. Have fun on taking on and sharing it with people you know.