How to Boot into Safe Mode on Samsung Galaxy Express 3

Samsung Galaxy Express 3

Safe Mode, part of the special mode in Samsung Galaxy Express 3 that gives you access to temporary default phone setting and let you figure out the possibility of 3rd party app being the source of performance issue on this phone.

Safe Mode on Samsung Galaxy Express 3 – 3rd party app on Samsung Galaxy Express 3 and any other smartphone is a blessing. It helps us working on different subject easily. But sometimes, a 3rd party app was not built perfectly or it simply didn’t really compatible with the phone system. If it happens, the phone’s performance will be disrupted and the only thing to fix it is by removing the app.

Before you do that, you need to figure out whether one of those 3rd party apps on Samsung Galaxy Express 3 causing the issue or it happens for a totally different reason. To figure this out, boot the phone into Safe Mode and check for the phone’s performance. If none of those previous issues appear in this mode, you can be sure that one of those apps is causing the problem.

To boot Samsung Galaxy Express 3 into Safe Mode, please follow this guideline:

  1. Power off the phone. Just hold the Power button and select the “Power Off” option.
  2. Press and hold Power button until Samsung logo appear on the screen.
  3. This is the tricky part. When Samsung logo appears on the screen release Power button and press Volume Down button immediately. Fail to do this mean you phone will boot back to normal mode and you have to repeat the process all offer again.
  4. Keep pressing Volume Down button until the phone finished it boot up process and you see the home screen is on.
  5. Notice the “Safe Mode” text written on the bottom left of the screen, which means the attempt to boot into Safe Mode was a successful one.

In Safe Mode, none of that 3rd party app will appear. It is time for you to check for the phone’s performance. How does everything work?

When you finish working on Safe Mode, you can reboot back to standard operating mode. Power off the phone as usual and power it back on. Get rid of the suspected 3rd party app and enjoy your free of problem phone once more.