How to Force Restart a Frozen LG Phoenix 2 K371

LG Phoenix 2 K371

Force restart a frozen LG Phoenix 2 K371 is easy to do and here you can learn not only how to do it, but also how you can stop the issue from occurring again by addressing the real cause of the problem.

Frozen phone is an inconvenience. Luckily, force restart the phone will solve the problem immediately but it only works temporarily. You need to know what cause the issue in the first place. If its just a minor glitch, a simple force restart will sort the problem but if it caused by something else, you need to address it right away or the same thing will happen again.

To force restart your LG Phoenix 2 K371, simply press and hold the “Power button” for a couple of seconds until the phone turn off and restart automatically.

When the phone is on, you can try the following suggestion to address the possible cause of this issue:

A troubled app could lead to this kind of issue. Go to “Settings > General > Memory > Memory use by app”. If you find an app that takes too many memory beyond its normal use, then it is possible that there is something wrong with that particular app. Disable or uninstall the app to see how it go.

Clear cache data of the phone. It helps to solve many issues regarding phone performance. Go to “Settings > General > Storage > Cached Data”. You will be warned that this action will erase cache data of the entire app on the phone. Tap “OK” to continue.

Make sure you already use the latest software and already updated your app. Go to Google Play Store to update your app. For the software, go to “Settings > General > About Phone > Update Center > Software Update”. You will get the best part of your software and app by updating it.

Factory reset. This should be the last resort, just in case other troubleshooting action failed. Remember to back up your data first before you do this or it will lost forever.

Hopefully, you can solve this frozen issue problem once and for all by addressing the possible cause of the problem.