Fitbit Inspire HR User Manual / User Guide

Check out this Fitbit Inspire HR user manual to make the best use of the product. Download link for the manual is also provided.

Fitbit Inspire HR User Manual

Fitbit has launched many new fitness products, including affordable Fitbit Inspire HR. This appeals to those who want to monitor their basic fitness but don’t need the support of another app. To know more about this smartwatch you will need a user manual.

The user manual is a technical guide designed to assist people with the way a product is used. It helps users learn how to safely, healthily and efficiently use a device.

Although the Inspire HR is considered as an entry-level fitness tracker, there are still many features to discover in this device.

We will take you through some overview of the Fitbit Inspire HR user manual to help you make the best use of this fitness tracker.

Get started

The first thing that you will do when you get your smartwatch package is checking what is in the box. This chapter provides you with all the information about it. You will find out the details of the watch and the other accessories.

Set up Inspire HR

After you have Inspire HR in your hand, you will need to set it up. This chapter will assist you to log in to your Fitbit account once you already have and sign up if you don’t have one.

There is also another configuration you have to do such as setting it up on your phone or tablet. If your device is not compatible, this chapter has a guide to set up on Windows 10 PC too.

Wear Inspire HR

If you don’t know how to properly wear Inspire HR, this chapter will be the helper. Unlike any other watch, the smartwatch has specific steps when you wear it. To wear this smartwatch on daily use or the exercise also has different ways.

Also, if you are still not sure which hand to wear this smartwatch, this chapter’s page gives you the solution.

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Change The Wristband

There are extra accessories such as a small wristband attached and an additional large, bottom wristband when you open the box of Inspire HR. They can be swapped with accessory wristbands which are sold separately. If you are looking for wristband measurements, read this chapter.


In this chapter of the Fitbit Inspire HR user manual, you will read the basic configurations of this smartwatch. There is a variation of steps to navigate, named swiping the screen and pressing button.

Learn how best to navigate so you can have the faster way to access certain features.

Not only that, but this chapter also provides the other informational steps such as manage the settings. Settings are important when you use your Inspire HR because it includes heart-rate and phone GPS.

If you want to have Inspire HR in a long time, there is a guide to care for your smartwatch as well.

Activity and Sleep

Inspire HR will track a variety of stats whenever you wear it. You will learn how to see your stats, track a daily activity goal, track your hourly activity, and track your sleep in this chapter.

Moreover, information related to heart-rate such as adjusting your heart-rate setting and practicing guided breathing is also included.

Fitness and Exercise

When you decide to buy the Inspire HR, you definitely want to use it for workout activity. This chapter will provide you with all information about fitness and exercise. You can learn how to track exercise automatically or with the Exercise app and set goals based on distance or any other bases here.

Sometimes you want to share your activity with friends and family. This chapter also includes sharing steps. You will know how to check your heart rate and track your cardio fitness score to see how your overall fitness level compares to your peers.


Troubles might happen in any device, including a smartwatch. When you face this kinda problem, you will need a manual in your hand. Learn about the troubleshooting steps in this chapter.

The tutorials here are useful once you experience the missing heart rate signal and the missing GPS signal. Besides, if your Inspire HR won’t sync, won’t respond to any navigations and won’t track the data, this chapter will help you.

Download user manual

Overall, you have read the Fitbit Inspire HR user manual / user guide sneak peek and we hope it is helpful for new users.

If you want to read the full document, we include the pdf-file link here as well. You can download it and get all the details about the Fitbit Inspire HR.

Download: Fitbit Inspire HR User Manual (PDF)