Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet User Manual / User Guide (PDF)

Download link for Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet user manual / user guide pdf. The manual you need when getting started with your new tablet.

Amazon Fire 7 Kids User Guide

Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition is a tablet specifically designed for children. It features fun design but it doesn’t only stop at that. The tablet is equipped with contents and features that are interesting for children. For parents, there are parental control features to make sure the gadget is kid-friendly.

To get started with the tablet, make sure to read the Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet user manual / user guide. This guide will be nothing but helpful.

Learn how to set up the device so it’s ready for your kids to use. Also find what features this tablet has, especially the ones your children will enjoy.

Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet User Manual

On first impression, Fire 7 Kids edition doesn’t look like a typical tablet computer. Since the design features a kid-proof case, you might wonder where the buttons and ports are located.

This is where the manual will be helpful. In the first section, here you can learn about the tablet’s layout. There is also a guide in removing the kid-proof case for when you need to install an SD card. Apart from that, you’ll also learn how to use the vertical case stand.

The manual also offers a guide for setting up Fire 7 Kids. Read instructions with pictures on how to power the device on and unlock it. If you need help with charging, there’s a section about that too, complete with the necessary illustration.

All in all, Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet user manual / user guide lets you start using the device in a very easy manner.

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Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet Features

The Fire 7 Kids Edition has everything its regular edition has. That includes a 7-inch display, 1.3 GHz CPU, and Fire OS. In addition to that, the kids edition comes with special functionalities.

The tablet is enclosed in a thick case that prevents it from breaking. Even if it does break, Amazon offers a 2 years warranty that would replace the tablet for free if your children damage it.

For contents, you’ve got a 1 year free unlimited subscription to Amazon FreeTime. It gives your kids access to entertaining and educational contents from videos, books, and games. With FreeTime, you won’t have to worry about the contents being inappropriate for children.

But if you want additional control, there are specific features for that too. You can set screen time, filter contents, and set educational goals for your kids. You can also restrict access to certain websites.

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Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet Setup Guide

For a quick guide, these are few steps you need to take to set up Fire 7 Kids:

1. Charge the device

There’s a possibility that your new tablet has a low battery level. Using the official charger that’s included in the box, plug in the phone into an electric source. As an optional step after charging, you can also insert a SD card before moving to the next step below.

2. Turn on the tablet

Press and hold the Power button for several seconds. The screen will light up when the device is finally on. Afterward, swipe up the display to unlock.

3. Follow the on-screen setup

There’s a bit more to do after the device is turned on. Follow the on screen setup to configure some basics. For example, turning on the WI-Fi and creating a user account. Afterward, the device should be ready to use.