How to Fix Essential Phone PH-1 that Won’t Turn On

Essential Phone PH-1

Learn how to deal with Essential Phone PH-1 that won’t turn on by working on a different approach that works based on the possible cause of the problem and have the phone ready to roll once more.

Essential Phone PH-1 brings some major improvement in smartphone world, especially with its free bloatware policy. But those special things won’t do any good if the phone refuses to turn on.

In the scenario when Essential Phone PH-1 won’t turn on, there is a couple of approaches to try. Each of these approaches works on a different possible cause of this problem. Try it one by one until you find the approach that works for you:

Charge the phone

Seriously, when is the last time you plug and charge the phone? It is possible that the phone is running out if its juice. Charge the phone and leave it for at least 10 minutes to turn it on. When you charge the phone, make sure it show all charging icons to shows that it really charge.

Boot the phone into Safe Mode

If you already charge the phone for a couple of minutes and it still won’t turn on, try to boot the phone into Safe Mode. Why? Because there is a possibility that one or maybe more than one app on the phone is acting out and disrupt the whole system.

This is another possibility to consider especially because Essential Phone PH-1 is a free-bloatware phone, which means you put all the apps you need in there. If you can boot the phone into Safe Mode, it means that one of those apps is responsible for this problem. Find it and uninstall it for good.

Boot the phone into Recovery Mode

If you can’t boot the phone into Safe Mode, it is time to boot the phone into Recovery Mode. If there is problem with the firmware, the phone should be able to boot into recovery mode because it doesn’t load the firmware in this mode.

Consider to take the phone to a repair shop or better yet, contact the Essential Phone service center to have this problem fix, when you had tried everything and nothing works.