Essential Phone PH-1 User Manual / User Guide

Essential Phone PH-1

All about user manual or user guide of Essential Phone PH-1, the type of information you can find on the user manual and how to use the manual to make the most of this new smartphone.

Do you want to know more about Essential Phone PH-1? Are you not sure about certain features on this phone, about how it works and what it can do for you? Or do you have any questions regarding the phone?

The answer to all of those questions is available on Essential Phone PH-1 User manual. Do you not believe it? Check the list below. It lists the type of information you can find on the phone user manual. Have you found the kind of information you need? You can go straight to that section and have the answer to your question.

Get to know your phone. This is the section where you can learn all about phone’s hardware, the procedure to assemble the phone and also its function.

✔ Navigation. Learn how to navigate through the phone, where you can tap, double-tap, swipe, touch, hold, drag, pinch, and how to use split screen feature.

✔ Apps. Learn how to change the way the apps are displayed, how to organize apps into folders, and how do you uninstall or disable apps.

✔ Settings. In this section, you will learn how to configure Essential Phone’s various features such as moving around the apps, adding accounts, how to use Wi-Fi, USB Tethering, mobile hotspot, networks, accessibility, languages and do not disturb feature.

✔ User manual and safety guidelines. This section explains the common knowledge on how to use smartphone safely, basic usage guide, emergency call, battery safety and disposal, environmental precaution, choice of law and jurisdiction and other.

It was all there. Each section explains about different part and aspect of the phone. Go to the section that explains the things you wish to know more and have the answer you need. This way, there will be no more doubt on your part on how to use this phone.

Download official Essential Phone PH-1 user manual or read it online:
Download Essential Phone PH-1 User Manual in PDF Format