How to Force Restart a Frozen / Unresponsive Essential Phone PH-1

Essential Phone PH-1

Learn how to force restart Essential Phone PH-1, a smartphone with non-removable battery, where it will help to bring life back to the phone when it became frozen or unresponsive to any command.

Unresponsive smartphone happens for various reasons. In most cases, it happens because of system crash. When the phone becomes unresponsive, it will be stuck in whatever position it currently views.

This kind of thing could happen to all kind of smartphone including Essential Phone PH-1. This phone is indeed carrying plenty of new things to Android lover all around the world but still, bad thing could happen.

When an Essential Phone PH-1 become unresponsive or frozen, you can do one of these things. You can leave the phone and hope for a miracle where the phone will be responsive once more without having to do anything.

Or, you can force restart the phone. If this problem happens because of system crash, restarting it will clear the problem. Now, how do you restart an Essential Phone PH-1?

If the phone has a removable battery, you can take the battery out, leave it for a minute or so and put it back before you try to turn it. But you can’t do that with this one because it has a non-removable battery.

No need to worry. Even though Essential Phone PH-1 has a non-removable battery, you still able to force restart it. How? Just press and hold “Power” button for at least 10 seconds to reset the phone and force it to restart.

That is all. Press and hold “Power” button to force restart Essential Phone PH-1. It will clear those glitches and crash, and make the phone respond to your command once more.

Force restart Essential Phone PH-1 is easy to do. This simple solution is applicable anytime the phone starts to become unresponsive. But if the problem keeps happening, you may have to dig deeper to find the real cause and fix it, rather than keep force restart the phone again and again.