How to Fix Essential Phone PH-1 Screen Won’t Auto Rotate

Essential Phone PH-1

Find out the trick to fix Essential Phone PH-1 screen that won’t auto rotate when the phone orientation changed and have it work back to normal so you can have a better multimedia viewing.

Dealing with Essential Phone PH-1 screen that won’t auto rotate is not that hard. Try for these suggestions to make the auto rotation screen on this phone work back to normal, where it will go to landscape mode when you change the phone orientation.

Turn the feature on

Are you sure you had enabled auto rotate feature on Essential Phone PH-1? Check for the status of this feature to make sure you already turned it on. Go to Home screen and swipe it down to bring “Status Bar” in view. Look for auto-rotate icon and tap to enable it. Once you enable the feature, check it. Does it work now?

Restart the phone

You know that software glitch and crashes could happen anytime to any kind of smartphone. This is probably the case with your phone. When the system crash, it will disrupt the flow of the phone functionality. Clear the crash and you get everything works back to normal. To clear everything, simply restart the phone, and then check for this feature once more.

Clear cache

Some people recommended clearing cache from the phone. It is possible there is corrupted cache that makes this feature didn’t work as it should be. To clear cache on Essential Phone PH-1, boot the phone into Recovery Mode and find “Wipe cache partition” option. After that, boot the phone back to standard operating mode and see how it goes

How does it work now? Does the auto rotate feature have worked back to normal? If it is still not working, there could be a bigger issue here. It could hardware malfunction or such things. It is time to take the phone to repair shop to have a technician to take a good look at it, find the cause and fix the problem.