Battery Temperature Too Low on Samsung Galaxy S7 Active

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Battery Temperature Too Low on Samsung Galaxy S7 Active

Charging process in Samsung Galaxy S7 Active may have to deal with “battery temperature too low” that makes the charging paused. Find out the reason behind this issue and how to deal with it.

Some people reported that their Samsung Galaxy S7 Active stop charging and they received an error message stating “Charging paused: Battery temperature too low”. If the problem happens when the temperature is lower than 4ᵒ C, then it is a normal thing since the Li-on battery that was used in this phone do have problem in this temperature.

But if the problem happens when the temperature is above that, then you got problem with the thermistor that read the battery temperature on your phone. When it happens, there are several things to try that should be able to solve this issue:

Turn OFF your phone while you charge it. While it is not really necessary to turn off the phone during charging process, you may want to give it a try when you having this kind of problem

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Replace the USB charging board on your phone with a new one. The thermistor that read the battery temperature is located in USB charging board, so if the thermistor is not working properly, replacing it with the new one should solve the problem.

Once you get a new USB charging board, go and open your device carefully, released the old USB charging board and replaced it with the new one. Now you can put the device back together and try to charge to phone to see whether the problem still persists or not. If the charging process work normally and no error message that pop up in the screen, then it means that you got it under control.

But if none of the above solutions works, then it is time for you to contact Samsung service center where their technician will work on this issue. If your device is still covered by the warranty, then you can have the device fixed for free.

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