How to Reset Lock Screen Password / PIN on Kindle Fire and Fire HD

Resetting lock screen password or PIN on your Kindle Fire and Fire HD is easy to do, and you can learn how to do it properly just in case you forget the PIN and don’t know what to do about it.

Kindle Fire Troubleshooting

Set up screen password or PIN to your Kindle Fire and Fire HD is highly recommended. It will help to keep your device safe because no one else can access its content other than you.

But what if one day you totally forget your PIN? If you forget your PIN, you can’t open your Kindle device and that could be a disaster.

Actually, you can reset your lock screen password or PIN easily. As long as you remember you Amazon account password, then you will be all right.

Now, here is how to reset lock screen password on your Kindle Fire:

  1. Open your Kindle Fire. You will be asked to enter your PIN. Since you don’t remember it, enter the wrong PIN for five times in a row.
  2. After the fifth attempt, you will get a message that asked you to choose between three different options: “Wait for 30 seconds”, “Reset your PIN”, and “Factory reset your device.”
  3. Tap the “Reset your PIN” option.
  4. You will be asked to enter your Amazon account password, the one that you use to sign in into Amazon. Enter the password and tap “Continue.”
  5. Now you can enter the new PIN or Password. Enter the new PIN that you won’t forget easily. Once you do that, tap “Finish.”

Now you finished resetting your lock screen password or PIN. Try to open your Kindle device using this new password and it should work nicely.

It is highly recommended to use a PIN that you won’t forget easily. If it’s necessary, write it down somewhere safe so in case you forget it again, you know where to look.

But above all, make sure you don’t forget your Amazon account password; because it will give you access to reset anything on your Kindle Fire in critical time.

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