Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet User Manual / User Guide (PDF)

Overview and explanation on Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet user manual / user guide. Learn how to get started with the tablet. Download link is available.

Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet User Manual

Amazon Fire HD 8 is a tablet with a large 8-inch screen and plenty of features. It is designed to be a one-stop mobile entertainment center. Features are plentiful. From reading a book and watching movies, you can do a lot of other things with this tablet computer.

Setting up the tablet is best performed by following the guidance from Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet user manual / user guide.

For new users, the first-time setup is a crucial step. Know what to do, and consult this manual for guidance and to avoid mistakes. Moreover, you can also learn a bit about Fire HD 8 features.

Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet User Manual

The official manual of Fire HD 8 Tablet is quick documentation that covers some necessary basics. You will see the layout explanation in its first section.

Here, learn what the ports on the bottom of the tablet are for. You’ll also see an illustration explaining Fire’s buttons, card slots, and other components.

Then learn how to turn on the phone based on the illustration in the manual. Along with turning on the device, also learn how to unlock it. The last part of the manual shows the battery charging guide.

You’ll see which end of the cable needs to be plugged to the adapter, and which needs to attach to the device port.

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Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet user manual / user guide is far from complicated. Just by following simple steps, you can enjoy what the tablet has to offer in no time.

Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet Features

Amazon packs Fire HD 8 Tablet with plenty of features. Although focusing more as an entertainment device, this tablet can do a lot more than that.

Some key features include a high definition screen, which means ultimate comfort when watching movies and browsing the web.

The spacious 8-inch is also comfortable for reading. Customers can take advantage of the vast collection of e-books on Amazon Kindle eBook.

For additional comfort and to protect your eyes, you can turn on features such as Blue Shade and automatic backlight.

The perks from Amazon networks don’t just end here. For children, parents can use Amazon FreeTime. With contents specifically curated to be kid-friendly, parents won’t need to supervise their children’s gadget usage all the time. Amazon will do it for you.

Fire HD 8 users will also enjoy the vast array of entertainment provided by Amazon Prime. Countless books, songs, movies, and TV series are available for Prime users.

And since this is a product of Amazon, you will get Alexa as your virtual assistant. Just throw a command and Alexa will play music, control your smart home, or do other tasks without you needing to touch the phone.

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Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet Setup Guide

To set up the Fire HD 8 Tablet for the first time, do the following step-by-step instruction:

1. Charging the tablet

For a new device, usually, they have some battery left. But if you’re not sure, you can charge it before turning it on.

Plug in the charger and wait for the battery to fill up. Upon plugging in, you’ll see an indicator that’s showing the battery level.

2. Turning on the tablet

Find the Power button on the top right corner of the tablet. Press and hold this button until the display turns on. Afterward, you will land on the Lock screen. Unlock the tablet by swiping up the display.