Amazon Echo Spot User Manual / User Guide

Here’s where you can find Amazon Echo Spot user manual / user guide. It helps set up your new smart speaker in no time. Download link is available.

Amazon Echo Spot User Manual

Amazon Echo Spot is a nice addition to the collection of your smart device. This little device can do a lot of things to help you battle a busy day. It features a small display ready to inform you about the weather, do video calls, and many more.

It is basically a smart home speaker but with a display. Like any other smart speakers by Amazon, this one also has Alexa. As a result, you can use Echo Spot to play music, control other devices, and play with skills.

To understand the extent of what this device is capable of, a manual is necessary. Hence, here we give you Amazon Echo Spot user manual / user guide. Read the short summary we provided, then you can download it too if you want.

Amazon Echo Spot Features

What separates Echo Spot from others is its 2.5-inch display. The display allows a plethora of possibilities you can’t find in other Alexa devices. As mentioned earlier, you can make a video call. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

You can also browse audiobooks, display a song’s lyrics, and watch video briefings. Information is readily available at a glance. Ask Alexa to display news or trailers, it will happily deliver what you ask.

When it’s inactive, you can pick a face as the default display. Put the Echo Spot near the bed and it instantly becomes a smart alarm clock.

Echo Spot also emphasizes privacy. The camera and the microphone can be turned off by pressing a button. You’ll also have access to your recordings, which you can delete, hear, and view as you like.

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Amazon Echo Spot Setup Guide

At the first use, you can set up Echo Spot just like the other Amazon devices. If you don’t know anything abut first-time installations, below we explain the setup guide for you. Here’s how to do it:

1. Plug in the Echo Spot

Get the power adapter and plug it to Amazon Echo Spot. The other end goes to the power outlet. The Echo Spot doesn’t use a battery.

After plugging in, wait for a minute. Then, you’ll hear Alexa greet you and the display will also turn on.

2. Set up your Echo Spot

On Echo Spot’s display, you can see on-screen instructions. Follow it step-by-step from connecting to the internet to the rest of the settings. Display on Echo Spot is a touchscreen, so you can interact with it.

To test if the setup is successful, say “Alexa, show Settings.” If your device responds, that’s how you know it’s good to go. You can also access the Settings via touch input.

3. Try Alexa

Tap the option Things to Try to explore the features of Echo Spot. To turn on/off the camera, press the Mic/Camera button.

Further, you can also control your Echo Spot through the Alexa App. Download it on your phone through your usual app store.

Amazon Echo Spot User Manual

The manual is the only official guide you need for Echo Spot. The document starts with an explanation of what you get in the box. That included the device itself and its components. Everything is explained through a layout image.

The next two pages show getting started tutorials. Information you can read here involves turning on the device and initial setup.

There’s also a guide of first use, along with exploring some basic features of Echo Spot. You’ll also see instructions on syncing the device with the Alexa app.

Amazon Echo Spot user manual / user guide may be a short manual, but it covers essential info.

Always have it at hand so you can consult it whenever you want. You can download the PDF file via the link below.

Download: Amazon Echo Spot User Manual (PDF)