Amazon Echo Link User Manual / User Guide

A sneak peeks to Amazon Echo Link user manual / user guide and download link. Get started with this Alexa-compatible streaming device in no time.

Amazon Echo Link User Manual

Among so many of Amazon’s smart products, Echo Link perhaps is the one people know the least. But if you’re here, you must be one of the few that knows how promising the device is.

Amazon Echo Link is a receiver for your stereo system. It makes it possible for your speakers to stream music from Spotify or Pandora. The device can connect to a  compatible Alexa device.

In hindsight, everything must look confusing for new users. You don’t know what to connect to which part and all the sync process.

Don’t worry, this article on Amazon Echo Link user manual / user guide will give you the necessary info.

Amazon Echo Link Features

As mentioned earlier, Echo Link serves as a streaming device for your speakers and amplifiers. It makes connection to streaming services possible since standalone speakers rarely have a network capability themselves.

On top of that, Echo Link allows your entire stereo system to be controlled by Alexa. You can ask the device to play music using voice commands. You can also control it via the Alexa app on your phone.

Amazon Echo Link boasts a Hi-Fi quality sound for streaming. It’s definitely a treat for any audiophile out there.

The device allows various analog output, whether to a speaker, a headphone, subwoofer, or an amplifier.

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Amazon Echo Link Setup Guide

Echo Link is a device that needs careful set up before using it. Sadly you can’t just immediately use it out of the box. You need to plug something here and there, followed by setup and installation. For more details, follow the steps below:

1. Connecting devices to Echo Link

Whether it’s a speaker or a subwoofer, make sure to plug it to the Echo Link via the correct port. You can use either the digital or the analog output. For receivers and amplifiers, use the correct input too.

Specifically for speakers and subwoofers, you also need to plug in those devices and turn them on. Also, turn up the volume level on each device.

2. Turn on the Echo Link

Connect the device to a power outlet. You will see the Action button LED lights up afterward. The LED shows that your Echo link is ready for the next setup process. Make sure to use the original power adapter.

3. Setup with the Alexa app

On your phone, download the latest version of the Alexa app. You can skip this step if you have installed it already.

Then on the app, tap the Devices icon to start the initial setup. All you need to do is follow the on-screen installation displayed on the app.

As an additional step, you can also connect an input device to your Echo Link. For example, an MP3 player or a turntable. Make sure to connect through the right port. You can only connect one input device at a time.

Amazon Echo Link User Manual

In the manual, what you see on the first page is the layout of Amazon Echo Link. It might look confusing at first, especially with all the input and output ports the device has. But luckily, the illustration is clear enough in explaining every one of them.

The second page is where the setup instructor starts. Reading carefully is advisable since you can’t miss details like turning up the volume. Attention to small steps like this will ensure the success of the setup process.

Afterward, you’ll read about the synchronization process with the Alexa app. Unless you’re already familiar with the Amazon device setup, you will also need to pay attention to this section.  The last part also covers optional settings such as connection to an audio input device.

Amazon Echo Link user manual / user guide comes with plenty of more detailed info than we just wrote here.

It’s recommended to have a copy for yourself rather than just read the sneak peek. We provide a link for the PDF file, which you can access with only a click below.

Download: Amazon Echo Link User Manual (PDF)