Amazon Echo Link Amp User Manual / User Guide

The Amazon Echo Link Amp user manual / user guide you need for your new smart amplifier. Read the sneak peek and download it via the provided link.

Amazon Echo Link Amp User Manual

Amazon’s streamer and amplifier, Echo Link Amp is a unique product on its own. This device allows you to stream music from popular streaming services.

To use this device, you can connect it with external speakers. There are also other compatible devices Echo Link Amp supports, such as a subwoofer or a headphone.

What makes Echo Link Amp different from other amplifiers is its compatibility with the Alexa ecosystem. You can pair and control it with your Amazon smart speaker.

There are several things to do before getting the device up and running. For that, you will need Amazon Echo Link Amp user manual / user guide. Check out its description below. As well as the download link if you want an offline copy.

Amazon Echo Link Amp Features

Amazon Echo Link Amp is more than just a streaming receiver. Apart from streaming music, it also will procure a Hi-Fi stereo output for the most ultimate sound experience.

It is also an amplifier, compatible with various external speakers from other brands. Echo Link Amp also accepts multiple inputs and output devices, as long as they are compatible.

As we mentioned earlier, you can take advantage of Alexa voice control. Alexa allows you to control music selection and playback from throughout the house. As a streaming device, Echo Link Amp supports major services such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music.

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Amazon Echo Link Amp Setup Guide

Setting up Amazon Echo Link Amp requires a bit of work, although it’s not too difficult either. Here’s a short guide on doing the necessary installation for the device. Make sure to follow carefully.

1. Connect the speakers

On the back on your Echo Link Amp, find the binding posts for speakers. These posts are compatible with speaker wire or banana plugs. Connect your speaker while it’s still not plugged in (non-powered).

2. Connect to other equipment

This step only applies if you’d like to connect additional equipment. If it’s an input device, such as an MP3 player, use the RCA/coaxial/optical input format. For output devices, such as a subwoofer, use the coaxial/optical port or the analog port.

3. Plug in Echo Link Amp

Now it’s time to power the Echo Link Amp on. Plug in the power chord then the other end to an electricity socket. Wait until the LED on the Action button to light up.

4. Pair with the Alexa app

In this step, your attention will move from Echo Link Amp to your phone. Make sure to install the latest version of the Alexa app on your smartphone.

Afterward, open the app and begin the setup process. If Echo Link Amp is not automatically detected, tap the Device icon on the bottom right of the screen. Then, follow the on-screen instructions until your device is ready.

Amazon Echo Link Amp User Manual

The user manual of Echo Link Amp provides everything you need in only a few pages. The most important part lies in the beginning. Here is where you will see the structure of Echo Link Amp.

Get to know its dozens of input and output ports. It can get confusing, but the manual did the best in explaining where everything is.

The next part discusses the setup process. It is then spread into four easy steps from plugging in equipment to Alexa setup. Lastly, you’ll also read about other settings such as the Wi-Fi and Ethernet connection.

That’s the overview of the Amazon Echo Link Amp user manual / user guide. It’s a handy document providing all the basics users need. Use it as a day-to-day manual, especially the part about the layout of the device.

If you’d like to have the PDF file, download via the link provided below.

Download: Amazon Echo Link Amp User Manual (PDF)