Amazon Echo Buttons User Manual / User Guide

Amazon Echo Buttons user manual / user guide overview and download link. Find out how to set Echo Buttons with your Amazon Echo device.

Amazon Buttons User Guide

Amazon Echo Buttons is a companion device to the popular Amazon Echo. You can say it’s an accessory. To be precise, a fun accessory to play interactive games with Alexa. But Echo is more than a device you can play with while spending the time with family. You can also configure the smart button for other purposes.

This device is a relatively new innovation. It’s a bit unconventional. Therefore, you may need Amazon Echo Buttons user manual / user guide. This document informs new users what’s needed to be done upon the first time setup.

Discover features, skills, and routines you can do with Echo Button through the same document.

Amazon Echo Buttons Features

Echo Buttons is a device created as a way you can interact with Amazon smart speakers aside from using voice commands.

It’s a device perfect for group activities, such as playing trivia games with your friends and family. Up to four Echo Buttons can be connected to one Echo smart speaker.

Connections between Echo and Echo Buttons are done using Bluetooth. In addition to easy setup, Buttons are power efficient. It uses 2 AAA batteries which are included in the box. Every button supports multiple colors.

Echo Buttons are compatible with more than 100 Alexa skills. Choose among the catalog to pick a game. Then simply ask Alexa to launch it.

You can also customize rules and questions. Not stopping at games, Echo Buttons are compatible with interactive stories too.

For less fun but more practical tasks, Echo Button introduces Routines. You can use Buttons to control other smart home devices.

Use it to turn the music on, ask for the weather information, or turn on the lamp. Just like with games, the button is also highly customizable with Routines.

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Amazon Echo Buttons Setup Guide

It doesn’t take long to set up Amazon Echo Buttons. What you need to do is following these steps below:

1. Installing the battery

You will need a screwdriver to open the battery slot. Carefully remove the door and insert the battery. Close the slot and secure the screw. Then move to the next step.

2. Pairing Echo Buttons with your Amazon Echo

First, make sure that your Amazon device is compatible with Echo Buttons. Place the Buttons at least 15 feet (4.5 meters) from the Echo. Press and hold the Echo Buttons for 5 seconds until it lights up. Then ask Alexa to set it up by saying, “Alexa, set up my Echo Buttons.”

3. Try skills

Now it’s time to try something with Echo Buttons. Say to your Alexa, “What games can I play with Echo Buttons?” Go to your phone’s Alexa app to find out compatible skills. The app is also where you can set up Routines.

Amazon Echo Buttons User Manual

This short manual will get your Echo Button running in no time. Start with the basics at the beginning of the manual.

The first thing you must do is inserting the battery. The manual shows how to do it, complete with an illustration.

Then there’s the pairing instruction, where you finally connect Echo Buttons with your smart speaker.

It’s followed by a short setup guide and examples on how to give a command to Alexa. The manual ends with a guide on how to take care of your Echo buttons.

You will find out that Amazon Echo Buttons user manual / user guide is really easy to understand. It’s because setting up this device is actually a simple thing to do.

It’s recommended to have a copy of the manual. You will need it especially the part about maintaining the device, what’s the dos and don’ts. Download the PDF on the link provided here.

Download: Amazon Echo Buttons User Manual (PDF)