Amazon Echo Buds User Manual / User Guide

Download Amazon Echo Buds user manual / user guide before setting up your new earbuds. Learn features, Alexa commands, and other valuable information.

Amazon Echo Buds User Manual

Amazon has decided to also dip into the wireless earbud market. Introducing Amazon Echo Buds. With it, you can enjoy an earbud that works in tandem with Amazon’s own smart assistant Alexa. In addition to that, there are many other interesting features worth finding out.

Hence what this Amazon Echo Buds user manual / user guide is for. Discover what this device can do on this document.

Learn some basic commands and touch gestures. It also shows how to set up the device with the Alexa App on your phone. Continue reading for more description.

Amazon Echo Buds Features

As an audio-related device, Echo Buds first and foremost offers excellent sound quality. It boasts Active Noise Reduction Technology by Bose.

The design of the earbuds are created in a way that it seals off any gap on your ear to limit background noise.

As a smart device, Echo Buds offers music streaming, callings, and audiobooks. All of which users can activate with voice command.

It not only supports Alexa, but also smart assistants from other platforms such as Siri and Google Assistant. With Alexa, Buds is compatible with skills or Alexa apps.

Echo Buds features a long lasting battery. A full charge can last the device 5 hours playback of music.

Using the charging case, Echo Buds can extend to up to 20 hours. Other features include microphone mute for privacy and customizable touch gestures.

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Amazon Echo Buds Setup Guide

Setting up Echo Buds is easy and quick. It’s mainly about pairing the earbud with Alexa. You only need to do the three steps below:

1. Download the Alexa app

Echo Buds needs the Alexa app on your phone to run its smart features. If you haven’t installed the app yet, go to the app store and download it.

Since Echo Buds connects to devices using Bluetooth, make sure your phone’s Bluetooth is turned on. Then move to the next step.

2. Pair Echo Buds with Alexa

Open the Alexa app on your phone. Then open the Echo Buds case. When in pairing mode, the light indicator will turn blue.

Wear the earbuds, then tap the notification on the Alexa app and follow its instructions. If you don’t see any notification, tap the Devices menu on the bottom right of the Alexa app.

3. Start using the Buds

Now you can use your new Echo Buds. But before, it’s best to make sure that the earbuds fit nicely on your ear.

Echo Buds come with 3 sizes of ear tips. You can choose the right size depending on what’s comfortable for you.

Choosing the right size tip ensures the earbuds not to slip easily from your ears.

Amazon Echo Buds User Manual

Echo Buds user manual starts with a section called “What’s in the box.” Use this manual as a checklist whether you got everything in the package.

Afterward, you can read the setup part. Follow the instruction from downloading the Alexa App to pairing it with the Echo Buds.

The next part of the manual shows about fitting your earbuds. It helps you adjust the earbud so they attach securely on your ears.

Afterward, it’s time to learn some basic gestures. You can also customize Earbuds gestures as you like. Consult the manual on how to do it.

The manual covers several other configurations, including Alexa voice commands. Learn how to pair the earbuds with another Bluetooth device.

Charging the earbuds and checking their battery level are discussed afterward, along with a little bit of information regarding troubleshooting.

There’s no doubt how Amazon Echo Buds user manual / user guide can be helpful for new owners. It’s the best companion as you explore more features on Echo Buds.

Always keep a copy on your phone. Download the manual through the provided link here.

Download: Amazon Echo Buds User Manual (PDF)