Alcatel LinkZone User Manual

Reading a manual for first-time use is necessary. Get a grasp of the Alcatel LinkZone user manual here. We also attach the downloadable PDF below.

alcatel linkzone user manual

Setting up your Wi-Fi router may be a hassle. However, it is an essential step. Well, you don’t need to worry about setting up your LinkZone router. In that case, a user manual can be of assistance to you.

The Alcatel Linkzone user manual provides you with simple and easy-to-follow instructions. The attached illustrations also give you a clear direction. You won’t have any difficulty following the steps.

This article summarizes the user manual for you. Read this to help you get through the manual. We sum it up so you can get things done more quickly.

Keep your device at your reach. That way, you can practice directly as the instruction goes. In no time, you can start using your device.

Getting to Know Your Mobile Hotspot

When you first get your device, you probably still don’t know what you should do. Get familiar with your device first. The manual can help you identify the location of the device’s main features.

Identify the location of the power key, WPS key, USB jack, and LED display. The manual also provides you with a simple illustration. Grab your LinkZone and get acquainted with the device.

This section also informs you of all the device’s parts. Read the instructions on how to use power and WPS keys. These keys are essentials since you can use them to reset and reboot the device. Take a moment to understand the instructions in the Alcatel LinkZone user manual.


The LED display shows the status of the network, Wi-Fi, SMS, and battery. The icons will illuminate when you power up your router. This section provides you with a description of each indicator.

Each icon uses different signals to indicate the state. For example, if the battery icon turns red, the battery is less than 10%. That way, you will be notified to charge your device.

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Setting Up Your Mobile Hotspot

Set up your device effortlessly through a step-by-step guide in this user manual. You can learn how to install the Micro SIM card, SD card, and battery.

To close the back cover again, insert the nub to the corresponding indentation correctly. Refer to the illustrations presented alongside the instructions for clarity.

Charge Your Mobile Hotspot

You can charge your mobile hotspot in two ways. First, you can use a USB adapter and plug it into the power socket. The other way is through connection to a computer using a USB cable. 

Charging time may vary depending on the power source. Please check your battery information too. Ensure that you adequately charge your device so you can avoid sudden loss connection.

Connect Your Wi-Fi Device to Your Mobile Hotspot

Now that you finish setting up your device, you can start to connect. To connect, you need to know the network name (SSID) and the password. Check the default SSID on the label at the back. The Alcatel LinkZone user manual also provides you with simplified instructions for connecting to various devices.

Change Mobile Hotspot Passwords and SSID

To change your passwords and SSID, you need to login to the web interface. You can access this in the Settings tab in the navigation area. We advise you to set new passwords immediately. Use a unique and hard-to-guess password to avoid uninvited users. Please check the manual for detailed instructions on how to change them.

How to Use Mobile Hotspot’s Whitelist Function

LinkZone has a “whitelist” feature to permit a connection only to the registered networks. The default setting of the whitelist is off. That way, any user can connect to the device.

By allowing only specific users to connect, you can secure your network’s privacy. To register, add the user’s MAC address through the web User Interface. LinkZone allows you to connect up to 10 devices at the same time. Note that connecting multiple devices can lower the speed.

Download User Manual

Now you probably have got the gist of the user manual. Still, we strongly advise you to read the Alcatel LinkZone user manual thoroughly. Get the PDF file of the manual in the link below. It won’t take too long before you become an expert in using LinkZone.

Download: Alcatel LinkZone User Manual (PDF)