Alcatel LinkZone 2 User Manual

Get to know the Alcatel LinkZone 2 user manual. This article highlights the topics covered in the manual. You can also download the PDF below.

alcatel linkzone 2 user manual

You must be excited to use your Wi-Fi device. However, setting up a Wi-Fi router for the first time may be unfamiliar. A manual can help to assist your first-time Wi-Fi setup.

The Alcatel Linkzone 2 user manual provides you with an easy step-by-step guide. It uses straightforward illustrations to help you understand. In no time, you will finish the user manual.

Take a few minutes to understand the manual. Do not rush and keep your device at reach. It is an essential step that will help.

We will guide you through the manual in this summary. We also kept you notified of the key items from each section. After that, you can use the router seamlessly in the future.

Getting to Know Your Mobile Hotspot

Get acquainted with your device. This section introduces the features in LinkZone 2. Familiarize yourself with the location of these features.

The device has the power key and the WPS key. It also has two ports: charging-in and charging out. The illustrations in the manual can help you to identify the locations swiftly.

LED Description and Indicators

The power and WPS keys have several functions. You can reset and reboot by using these keys as well. Identify the LED indicators on the device.

The lamps indicate Wi-Fi status, signal strength, battery, and message status. Each color and blink represents different states of your device.

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Inserting/Removing the SIM Card and the Battery

LinkZone 2 uses a Nano SIM card. The SIM card location is alongside the battery. This section will help you learn how to insert/remove your SIM card and battery. The manual also provides you with simple illustrations. That way, the instructions are not hard to follow. 

Charging Your Mobile Hotspot

You can charge your mobile hotspot with a charger or a computer using a USB cable. Additionally, you can also use the device for charging your other devices. Plug the USB cable to the charging-out port and connect it to other devices.

Connect Your Wi-Fi Device to Your Mobile Hotspot 

In this section, you will find out how to connect your devices to LinkZone 2. Connect your device by selecting the Wi-Fi name (SSID). The default SSID is shown on the label at the back.

You can also connect without manually inputting the password through the WPS connection. Press the WPS key to activate the WPS connection. In this section, learn more about how you can connect easily with your devices.

Accessing Your Mobile Hotspot

For managing and accessing your mobile hotspot, you need to access the web interface. For first time use, log into the web by inputting the default passwords. The default passwords of the device are attached at the back of the battery cover.

You can also use a USB cable to connect. Use the web interface to access your mobile hotspot settings. If this is your first time, you can use the default passwords. Otherwise, you can use your updated passwords.

Change Mobile Hotspot Passwords and Network Name (SSID)

Ensuring your network security is essential to secure your private data. Make a unique combination and avoid using “easy” passwords.

To change the passwords and network name, log into the web interface first. You can change it in the Settings tab. The Alcatel LinkZone 2 user manual provides you with clear step-by-step instructions.

How to Use the Mobile Hotspot Whitelist Function

This part introduces you to the “whitelist” function. This function allows you to limit the device’s permission only to the selected networks. If you deactivate the feature, any device can use the hotspot.

LinkZone 2 can connect with up to 16 devices. However, limiting to 10 users is recommended to maximize the connection speed.

Updating Your Software Version

This section will guide you on how to check and update your software version. Follow the instructions in the user manual to update to the most recent version. Update your software version regularly so you can always connect seamlessly.

Download User Manual

We hope that you find this summary of the Alcatel LinkZone 2 user manual helpful. Please be sure to check the manual for detailed instructions. Download the manual in PDF format at the link below. Now, you can begin surfing the internet to your heart’s content.

Download: Alcatel LinkZone 2 User Manual (PDF)