Alcatel Joy Tab Review: Lightweight and Long-lasting Battery

Take a look at our extensive Alcatel Joy Tab review. Decide for yourself if this low-range device is worth the budget you will be spending.

alcatel joy tab review

The Alcatel Joy Tab tablet was released in September 2019. Everybody’s looking for the next new tablet nowadays. While smartphones are already enough for our needs, a tablet can be of extra assistance. 

One device that has been in the talks is the Alcatel Joy Tab. As per its name, the tablet supposedly brings joy through its entertainment choices. It supports essential functions as well.

However, if we take it all away, does the tablet’s hardware and software deliver what it promises? Tablets are popular for their bigger size compared to a regular smartphone. But their specifications may be an entirely different story.

Need helpful information? Look no further. We got it all covered in our Alcatel Joy Tab review.

Alcatel Joy Tab Key Specs

Alcatel Joy Tab specifications:

  • Weight: 293.9g 
  • Dimensions: 209.5 x 124.968 x 8.6mm
  • OS: Android 9 Pie
  • Screen size: 8-inch
  • Resolution: 1280 x 800
  • CPU: 1.5GHz Quad-core, MediaTek MT8765A
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Storage: 32GB
  • Battery:  4,080mAh
  • Rear camera: 5MP
  • Front camera: 5MP

Alcatel Joy Tab Design

alcatel joy tab images

The Alcatel Joy Tab has a rather “heavy” appearance at first glance. The front side features the tablet’s display surrounded by chunky bezels.

This gives the tablet a sturdier look, but to our surprise, it is pretty lightweight. The tablet’s compactness allows us to bring the gadget everywhere we go.

On the back, the cover is made out of a textured material with waterfall edges. These two elements help us get a stronger grip on the tablet. They prevent any serious damages from happening, especially when we’re hauling it constantly. Only available in Metallic Black, it does lack the modern aesthetics that attract buyers’ attention.

The rest of the sides are kept in a rather simplistic design. The top side has a micro-USB port to charge our tablet. Next to it is a headphone jack to plug our earphones in.

Meanwhile, the left side features a card slot to insert our SIM. Moving onto the right side, the only buttons available are for power and volume control.

Overall, the Alcatel Joy Tab has the average, stock design typically used by budget tablets. However, it has the essential ergonomic aspects that make this tablet durable for long use. We might just bring this tablet around the next time we’re watching Netflix on commute.

Alcatel Joy Tab Display

The Alcatel Joy Tab comes with an 8-inch display with a 1280 x 800 resolution. As the display is already wrapped in thick bezels, the display may appear small.

The display does not stretch out from one end to another. As a result, we are unable to get that favorable wide-screen viewing experience.

On the plus side, the 1280 x 800 resolution comes in High Definition. The quality of the resolution promises sharp visuals on the display. To further protect the screen, Asashi Glass is applied to the top layer. This is a material commonly found in most low-range gadgets. However, it can prevent scratches at the bare minimum.

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Alcatel Joy Tab Camera

The Alcatel Joy Tab has a 5MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera. Both cameras are of standard quality that lacks a variety of photography options.

Furthermore, the rear camera has no flash or auto-focus installed. It still takes decent, casual shots at a fixed-focus angle. Unfortunately, it does not have the “wow” factor to make it a major feature.

The same can be said for the front camera. Not having flash as well, the front camera may not be the ultimate selfie cam. It does not take dramatic portraits complemented with special effects.

However, the two cameras can record videos at 720p/30 frames per second. Not bad for cameras that have 5 megapixels.

Alcatel Joy Tab Storage

The Alcatel Joy Tab features a total storage capacity of 32GB. However, only 24GB of available storage can be accessed by users.

Compared to other gadgets, the available amount of storage is still sufficient for huge files. 24GB of storage is more than enough to download the apps that we need for the tablet to function.

Alternatively, we have the option to expand the tablet storage. All this takes is inserting a microSD into the tablet’s card slot. The device allows external storage of up to 32GB. In our Alcatel Joy Tab review, we consider this a win. Especially when the tablet is of average quality.

Alcatel Joy Tab Performance

alcatel joy tab side view

The Alcatel Joy Tab operates on a MediaTek MT8765A 1.5GHz Quad-core and a RAM of 2GB. The processor, commonly found in most gadgets, can conduct simple tasks on the tablet. It may not bring out ultra-fast performance, but it is enough to carry out basic apps.

Unfortunately, 2GB RAM poses an issue. A tablet such as this will require at least 2.5GB of RAM to support itself. Below that might lead to slow operations, and possibly performance crashes. The 2GB RAM can slow us down when we’re relying on the tablet for multitasking.

The Alcatel Joy Tab uses an Android 9 Pie operating system as its main software. The system provides the tablet with Google visual aesthetics, as well as its prominent features. Some of these include Google Assistant and Google Lens. Powered by Android, these two are used to do our tasks virtually.

The tablet does not have any prominent sensors that we can utilize. However, we can optimize its handy facial recognition to access the tablet. Sure, it may require a few tweaks at the start, but that’s common with most standard gadgets.

Wrapping it up, the tablet does not have the most impressive of performances. But it is adequate for the casual user.

Alcatel Joy Tab Connectivity

The Alcatel Joy Tab accommodates 4G LTE for a data connection. With this, we can use the tablet’s mobile hotspot as an Internet hub.

However, if Internet data isn’t an option, the tablet comes with Wi-Fi as well. You will not have a hard time getting the connection you need with these functions.

Other parts of the tablet include a Micro-USB port to transfer data using a cable. But for a more fuss-free option, we can make use of the tablet’s Bluetooth instead. Sending files and photos only take a simple switch and a couple of seconds. Everything for a connected tablet is all covered.

Alcatel Joy Tab Battery

The Alcatel Joy Tab is powered by a 4,080mAh battery. With this capacity, the tablet can withstand up to 698 hours on standby. This is equivalent to a maximum of 6.6 hours of video playback. As the battery capacity itself is already huge, we can expect uninterrupted tablet usage.

To further save up on batter, we can make use of Battery Saver Mode. Alternatively, Smart Manager is also available to better manage our running apps. This way, the tablet doesn’t run out of battery. In the event it does, the tablet only takes up less than 3 hours for a full charge.

Is the Alcatel Joy Tab a good device?

In this Alcatel Joy Tab review, we have looked at the device from different perspectives. The tablet does what it does with its standard qualities. Sadly, it’s a tablet that still needs quite more improvement to gain more traction in the market. But going for $168, it’s not a bad budget purchase.

Technological devices are considered a long-term investment. We wouldn’t want something expensive to eventually break down after long use. A tablet at this price may come off as a decent buy.

However, it wouldn’t hurt to save up a bit more for other tablets in the market. Especially ones that have a more guaranteed technological performance.

Alcatel Joy Tab Pros 

  • Lightweight build
  • Decent storage
  • Huge battery space

Alcatel Joy Tab Cons 

  • Chunky bezels
  • Poor quality cameras
  • Low RAM size