Alcatel Joy Tab Kids User Manual

Read the Alcatel Joy Tab Kids user manual carefully before using it to maintain the device’s best condition. Here is the manual download link for you.

alcatel joy tab kids user manual

There are many devices that you can use daily. Some of them come with instruction papers called manuals. In this case, your children’s Alcatel Joy Tab Kids is no exception.

Even if you’re excited to use the device as fast as possible when unboxing it, you still need to read the manual first. One of the products from Alcatel mobile called Joy Tab also has its manual document.

Once you purchase it, make sure to read the Alcatel Joy Tab Kids user manual to prevent big mistakes or damage when you use it. Besides knowing how to maintain the tab, you also can know its features better.

If you feel impatient or unwilling to read the full technical document, here is the summary that you can read quickly in about 5-10 minutes.

Getting Started

First, set up your device. Hold down the power key to power on the tab, select the language, and touch start. Then, insert the SIM card and follow the next step as well until you touch finish to complete the setup. Remember that the tab only supports the Nano SIM card.

Also, there are other settings you can change based on your preferences such as the home screen, status bar, the battery set, and the PIN, password, or pattern to lock the tab. No need to hurry, you can do it one by one by reading this section.


The common applications in this tab are contacts, messages, Gmail, chrome, calendar, camera, photos, clock, and play music. All of the application icons are on the home screen, just touch it when you want to operate it.

Each application has its setting from the permission, notification manager, and features. Check how to use it on the full manual document and you can explore more about the device’s applications.

Personalize Your Device

Read this page if you want to set the tab’s language, date and time, sound, wallpaper, brightness, and screen timeout. You can learn how to change the theme or wallpaper, adjust the volume, and select the ringtones from the tab or your music file.

Turn on the automatic date and time for convenience. So, you don’t need to set up the date and time manually anywhere you go. Because it will be provided by your device network or GPS. Also, you can adjust the brightness as well to prevent eye problems.


In this Alcatel Joy Tab Kids user manual section, you will know about the software. It is important because the latest version of the software makes the tab easier to use. For updating the software, connect the device to a Wi-Fi, and make sure the battery is full.

You can go to settings and find the system updates. Touch check and download button after the device finish searching the latest software. When the update finishes, touch the complete upgrade. Furthermore, you can synchronize your tab with email accounts.

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Privacy, Battery and Accessories

To respect the laws and regulations of the jurisdiction, the device will always ask for permission to allow some of the apps for using your information such as contacts, camera, photos, location, microphone, and storage.

Also, learn the precautions for battery use. Do not open, puncture, burn, dispose, or modify the battery. Avoid storing the tab at a temperature above 60 degrees Celcius to prevent any dangerous accident.


If you face any problem with the device, follow the instructions on this page first before contacting the service center. The instructions are about the machine, battery, network, internet, SIM card, USB driver, Bluetooth, files, passwords, and more.

When you feel your tab is getting slower or lagging, improve it by removing unnecessary apps or files on your device. Do not forget to check the latest version of the software and upgrade it. Read more on the full document to solve other problems.

Download User Manual

That is the summary of the Alcatel Joy Tab Kids user manual. If you want to read the whole document for more detail, here we also provide the link in pdf. You can download it and learn how to maintain your device for the best condition and long-lasting device usage.

Download: Alcatel Joy Tab Kids User Manual (PDF)